How to recover files from formatted hard drives?

In today’s digital world, data loss is a critical issue. Gone are the days of stacked up files and folders. Today, everything is available in digital form and searching through years and decades of data is a piece of cake. However the digital world also has its flaws, the worst one being: data loss. Data loss is a serious concern especially when a backup has not been made. Therefore all information needs to be backed up regularly to prevent such an occurrence.

For optimal functioning or other reasons, hard drives are formatted. At times such formatting is done in a hurry without proper backup of files. This may cause a massive problem as there is a risk of losing the data altogether. But there isn’t a need to worry as files can be recovered from a hard drive that has been recently formatted. All you need is a data recovery software to assist you in this process.

How can you recover files from a recently formatted hard drive?

  1. Download an appropriate data recovery software. These recovery software’s may be free or chargeable. The cost of a data recovery software should not be an issue if the files that need to be recovered are sensitive or critical.
  2. Install the data recovery software on your personal computer.
  3. Select the disk from which you need to recover your files.
  4. The selected disk will be scanned and a list of recoverable files will be displayed.
  5. Click on all the files you need to retrieve and click on Recover. Saving the files recovered by the data recovery software program: *Once you have clicked on the files you needed to recover, the data recovery software helps you get back all the files that were on your hard drive before the format action was carried out. *The recovered files must be saved on a different drive than the formatted one. *Saving the recovered files onto another drive ensures that data on the formatted drive is not overwritten. *Saving these recovered files in this manner also helps in prevention of data loss permanently.

It is important to keep in mind that even though the files still remain present on a hard drive after formatting, they can be overwritten by new data. Therefore you should not save any new file onto the formatted drive as it would result in overwriting. All you need to do is carry out the above mentioned steps as soon as you realize that you had valuable files on the newly formatted hard drive. Unless you are a computer specialist or have read this article, you would not be aware that files can be recovered from a formatted hard drive. From the above it is clear that in case of such a situation, panic is not what you need to go through. It may seem like a complicated task at first for a lay person, but it sure is possible and also pretty easy.