How to Return Your Failed Hard Drive to Seagate

Serial Number and the Part or Model Number Required for Returns

For those who have purchased hard drives from Seagate that have experienced hard drive failure causing them much inconvenience, they can return them to the company to get a refund. You will need the Serial Number and the Part or Model Number. Visit  to Enter Product Information. To begin your return you can visit.

Shipping Instructions

There are shipping instructions to follow like Remove all accessories and/or spare parts. Ship the DRIVE ONLY. Seagate is not responsible for accessories; they cannot be returned. You must pay shipping costs for all shipments. If your product is under warranty, Seagate will pay for postage of repaired/replacement products from Seagate to you. You must pay all applicable duties and customs charges for shipments to and from Seagate, unless otherwise authorized. Send your product to Seagate using the carrier of your choice. Please use a method with ability to trace shipment. Seagate is not responsible for shipments for which the carrier cannot provide proof of delivery.

Return Policy

View their return policy here. Upon creating an RMA (Return Materials Authorization), you will receive an order acknowledgement with your RMA number. Please return your drive to your selected return location. If you would like to check the status of an existing return, visit this page.

More Help

If you still need help you may call Call 800-891 5814. About Learn more:  or Visit for support. 00.800.4.SEAGATE (Europe) or 1 800 759 109 Asia, Australia.
Seagate Technology Phone Number 800-732-4283. Need more help @askseagate

Contact Address For Seagate Warranty

Contact Address For Seagate Warranty 10200 De Anza Boulevard, Cupertino, California 95014, United States. Call Seagate Warranty Phone Numbers for Help:+1.800.732.4283. Seagate Hard Drive toll free customer service number : +1-800-732-4283 Seagate Canada toll free customer service number : 18007324283 Seagate Singapore toll free customer service number : +65-(800)-110-1150
Seagate toll free customer service number : +1-800-732-4283, +1-405-324-4700.


Seagate promised purchasers that it would replace the failed hard drives, but replacements were also defective, and failed at extremely high rates, leaving Seagate’s warranty promise unfulfilled, and consumers without working hard drives. You may be entitled to damages including replacement costs and damages from loss of data and data recovery expenses.

You might have stored important files in your Seagate external hard drive. Sometimes you may lose access to these valuable files due to Seagate external hard drive failure as it is not unusual. External hard drive failure can happen with anyone where all of sudden hard drive stops working without giving prior notification. When Seagate hard drive fails to work, OS won’t be able to recognize it and data stored in it become inaccessible.

If you are provided a replacement that fails, the wise thing to do would be choose another brand, one of quality, sen your failed drive back and let them know that you will no longer use their products, join in the class-action suit.