How To Recover Data from a Corrupt Memory Card or USB drive

A removable flash device like a Memory Card provides an easy way of storing a lot of data on a small gadget. However, their convenience may other times be overshadowed due to their tendency to be easily corrupted, and this can lead to destruction of the data stored on the memory card. To recover data from a corrupted Memory Card/USB drive, you have to first repair the Memory Card/USB drive by formatting it. If the memory corruption can be repaired, then you can try to recover lost or deleted data using the file recovery data program.


You have to insert the USB drive or Memory Card onto one of the corresponding ports on the computer if the machine contains an internal card reader. If you do not have an internal card reader then get an external card reader and connect it to one of your computer USB ports.


Close down the new window that appears and asks the action that you want to do. Just choose these option and not any. Go to the start menu, click on My Computer option. This will bring a list of gadgets attached on your computer.


Find the name of the device that corresponds to that of your Memory Card. Right click on the name. Click on the Format that comes in the pop-up menu which appears.


Ensure that the File Format on the drop-down menu is changed to NTFS in the window that will pop-up on your computer. Then click on the Start and wait for your Memory Card or USB drive to format.


Go to the resource link that has the Recover My Files program. In case your computer does not have a file recovery program then download and install it.


Then open on your File Recovery Software and go to the link Manually Set Options which is at the bottom of the screen. Look for the Search tab, then click on the option Search for Deleted Files or corrupted files.


Click OK and after that click on the Complete Format Recover. Then Click Next. Search for the name of your Memory Card or USB drive on the screen and click on it. Click on the Next again.


Go through the lists of some of the file formats and click on the one that looks similar to those that were on your USB drive or Memory Card. Then click on Graphics in case your USB drive/Memory card contained image files or Audios if it had music. If the Memory Card/USB drive had many types of file click on all of the File Types.


Choose Next option, then click on Start. Look through the list of the files your recovery software has found. Then click on every file that you would like to recover, click on Save Files.


Click Save on the specific location on your Memory Card/USB drive that you want your recovered files to be saved.